Ritual pre-concert round of Peek-a-boo.

And now for the part of the job I hate the most -- having a hand in promoting Justin Bieber. But that's the job, and I knew that full well when I agreed to $4.25 an hour. Anyhow, the little sh*t and new "Punk'd" host is back with Never Say Never, a "biopic" about the time Justin filmed a concert in New York last month. This is mixed with behind the scenes footage, home movies, and interviews with his manager, who says only nice things for fear of being punched in the balls again.

You really did it Justin, even though "they" said you couldn't. Help yourself to a hard-earned juicebox.

Check out the trailer after the jump (if you want)...


Justin Bieber- Never Say Never Movie Trailer Official (HD) - Watch more Funny Videos