First Pics of Jeff Bridges in ‘True Grit’

Thursday, July 8 by

Yesterday we saw Colin Farrell sporting a combover for Horrible Bosses, and now we’ve got a first look at Jeff Bridges wearing an eye patch for The Coen BrothersTrue Grit. Oh those silly actors and their dress-up make believe fun time. Bridges plays alcoholic U.S. Marshal Rooster Cogburn in the re-adaptation of the Charles Portis novel.

The original adaptation starred John Wayne in the role of Rooster, who teams up with a 14-year old girl to avenge her father’s murder. Hailey Steinfeld plays the girl, Mattie Ross, this time around, and Matt Damon and Josh Brolin are also on board as a Texas Ranger and the murderer respectively. The film opens Christmas Day. I just basically wrote the formula for an Oscar nomination. Especially since Bridges has the drunk character thing on lock. If you win an Oscar twice for playing a drunk do you have to go to AAA? That’s Acting Alcoholics Anonymous for all you sober non-thespians out there. Don’t worry, my writing packet is already in the mail to Leno. 

Check out more pics of Bridges as Rooster after the jump.



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