First Look At Jamie Foxx As Dr. Nutsack Electro In ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′

Tuesday, April 16 by

When it was announced that Jamie Foxx would play Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, we all immediately knew that he would look ridiculous. But we didn’t count on this. This is a version of ridiculous that didn’t even enter our framed realms of possibility.

Set photos have revealed a first look at Foxx that point to the Ultimate Spider-Man version of Electro for inspiration. Or Mr. Freeze’s nutsack. Both are accurate estimations. Not pictured in these photos are Electro’s awesome costume that Foxx has mentioned in past interviews. Instead, we see Foxx dressed in a hoodie and overcoat stumbling through the streets of Manhattan — a look often referred to as “the Cuba Gooding, Jr.” (The Superficial)

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