FINALLY ‘Captain America 3′ Gets A Release Date

Tuesday, April 8 by
The rumor is that Chris Evans only wants to be shot in profile for the entirety of the third one.  

It has finally happened. Five long days after the premiere of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Marvel Studios has stopped toying with its fans and given them the release date and confirmation of Captain America 3.

Sure, it’s a little suspicious that it comes right after the film made $96 million¬†and shattered box office records, but that’s probably just because that event coincided with the studio having a really good idea for the premise of the third one.

Marvel, in a pretty brash display, will be unleashing Cap’n 3 the same weekend (May 6, 2016) that the Batman-Superman film is supposed to hit theaters. It doesn’t matter. I’m going to be hungover from Cinco de Mayo ’16 that it will probably be weeks before I even think about leaving the house.

I’m sure one of these movies will flinch in the 2+ years preceding their release, but this makes for a fun little tinkling contest between the rival comic book studios, so enjoy the show and stay out of the splash zone.

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