Oh, dramedies! You're not comedies, you're not dramas, but boy are you something. You give us the courage to laugh at serious stuff, and take seriously the funny stuff. What little convention-busters you are. Alcoholism alone isn't funny, but brothers Brandon and Phillip Murphy are betting that they can endear you to an alcoholic with The Last Drop, a film chronicling the life of a charming writer who is a slave to the bottle, which was picked up by Mandate.

The brothers despite being outsiders, have had some showbiz experience. Brandon Murphy is a graffiti artist who had previously sold Pony Bush, a film about God-knows-what, to Dimension, while brother Phillip is a stand-up comedian who has a podcast. Good for him!

The protagonist of The Last Drop can keep up appearances during the day, but the wheels come off every evening when he starts hitting the sauce more aggressively. When a woman comes into his life, he realizes that he must fight his demons if he is to maintain his relationship. Which way will it go? One can't be sure with these crazy dramedies. (THR)