‘Fight Club’ Looking To Kick Broadway’s Ass?

Wednesday, January 12 by

On the stage of Broadway’s Spider-Man musical, actors are getting injured left and right. Everyone thought this was a sure sign that the multi-million dollar Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark was gonna be one of the greatest musical flops of all-time. So what happened? It became the highest-grossing show on Broadway. The theater audience has voted, and they want blood.

That’s why I think director David Fincher and NIN frontman Trent Reznor are onto something with their idea for turning Fight Club into a musical. After many years of joking about it to the press, then half-joking about it to the press, we understand that they’re now actively working on adapting the film for the stage. The timing is perfect. Yes, imagining Tyler Durden and crew prance-fighting like the Jets and the Sharks is ridiculous, but that’s obviously not what it would be like. If they allow the actors to really beat each other up on stage, every single night, they can easily beat Spider-Man. In Spider-Man, the injuries are accidents – if crazy injuries were real and guaranteed, you could sell tickets for $200 a pop. A few actors might die, but they’ll die doing what they love: getting punched in the teeth.

Broadway, watch your back. (/Film)

Also: Calvin, watch your back, too.

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  1. January 12, 2011 10:42 pm


    Horrible idea.

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