That's a whole lot of comedy to encapsulate in one headline.

The two Anchorman co-stars will be getting back together in Swear to God, a film that follows a hedge fund manager (Ferrell) after he swears that he has seen God. Carell's role isn't specified in so many words, but he's gonna be really funny, ok? So just don't worry about it right now.

The script, which was originally penned by the duo behind Due Date (boooo!) will be rewritten by actor/writer/Aniston boyfriend Justin Theroux, who has cut his teeth writing Tropic Thunder and Iron Man 2, so get excited.

This news is bittersweet, knowing that Theroux has written Zoolander 2 (with the hopes of directing it). However, if it's going to sit on the shelf at the expense of something else, at least that something else is a Will Ferrell/Steve Carell comedy.