Female ‘Superman’ Villain Revealed To Be The One Female ‘Superman’ Villain

Saturday, February 5 by

There’s been some news lately about three actresses, Alice Eve, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike, being in the running for  a female character in Zack Snyder‘s Superman that was NOT Lois Lane. The internet was then awash in speculation: Not Lois Lane? Who could it be? Supergirl? Wonder Woman? Superman’s platonic unattractive female friend Barbara? It turns out the truth is a bit more sinister: It’s the famous General Zod’s female counterpart Ursa. For those who don’t know, Zod and Ursa are Kryptonians who come to Earth to mess with Superman, and being from Krypton, they have all of Superman’s powers.

Anyway, there’s no more information on the nature of the role, like whether she will be the main villain or not. This is also interesting, considering Snyder has previously denied that General Zod was going to be in the movie. Maybe Ursa is flying solo? I have to admit that “Kneel before Ursa!” is really doing it for me. (via SlashFilm)

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