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Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant have cast their leading lady for their next film, the ’70s-era insurance company dramedy Cemetery Junction (formerly known as The Men at The Pru).  Brit starlet Felicity Jones has been awarded the role. 

She’s mosty done work in the UK, including the BBC’s "The Diary of Ann Frank," in which she played Margot Frank, an episode of "Dr Who," and the very British sounding Northanger Abbey TV movie.  If your girlfriend catches you ogling pictures of Felicity, just inform her that she’ll be playing Miranda in Julie Taymor’s adaptation of The Tempest.  Then, when she naturally asks, "Oh, can we see that?" You can coolly answer, "It’s probably not a good idea if you don’t like me looking at Felicity.  Miranda is a significant role in the Bard’s classic."  You’re welcome.

Check out the photos of Felicity after the jump:




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