I the spirit of the studio system, the team behind a successful project is being preemptively reunited to do "that same thing again, but, you know...different."

After Bridesmaids' monster take at the box office this May, Universal has reunited director Paul Feig and producer/director/writer/man-child Judd Apatow by purchasing a pitch from their camp. Of course, the studio refuses to deliver the log line, but Deadline informs us it's an "unconventional love story and is something Feig has been working on for awhile." Wow! Consider my appetite whetted!

This duo has worked together since "Freaks and Geeks" way back in the 1990's, and their bodies of work, both individually and as a team are pretty solid, so get excited about this project, if only because this reunion might mean an original new comedy from two bright minds, as opposed to a stale retread, similar to that other May release.