Jon Favreau has just informed Marvel that he won't be returning to direct the third Iron Man film. It's not known if his bowing out was due to financial, creative, or craft service preference differences. It could be that stingy Marvel was unwilling to pay Favreau a likely salary upwards of $12 million plus back end points. It could also be that Favreau was unwilling to turn Iron Man 3 into an extended trailer for the upcoming Avengers movie by cramming every superhero into it except Kitchen Sink-man. He's a silly hero anyway.

Marvel began the process of looking for a new director last night. Unfortunately for the studio though, Robert Downey Jr. has to give final approval and I'm hoping against hope that McG is on his shitlist. Regardless of who signs on, I'm sure Marvel will lube up their decision hole and tightly pack their creative "suggestions" so far in it that they won't be able to discern their directorial vision from the studio's vision. I pray for thee. (Vulture)