Five times the car chases. Five times car crashes. Five times the car motion blurs lines.

Below is the new poster for Fast Five, the latest Fast and the Furious movie to run-over the title continuity of the series like so much roadkill. At least the other movies had "furious" in the title. Will this entry be nearly as "furious" as the first four? With Vin Diesel Paul Walker and Dwayne "Smell My Cooking" Johnson returning, all signs point 2 yes.

Another sign of this movie's furiousity: according to a recent interview with director Justin Lin, they shot all the action sequences practically. So when you see a bunch of trucks crash into a train, those were real trucks, a real train, and the whole thing was really expensive. Those aren't woosy CG wireframe trucks assembled in the Troniverse.

However, I hear the talking scenes will be processed through the program Actor Effects, so the dramatic moments are smoother and also tolerable. (JoBlo and IGN)