It's a tricky, no-win situation Universal has been put in regarding Fast & Furious 7. Its star, Paul Walker died doing the very thing the film glamorizes, and now they have to acknowledge that fact (or not) in tasteful fashion.

To say they shouldn't make the movie is dismissive of the fact that jobs and, yes, money, would be lost at this stage. I'm sure a gaffer thinks the show should go on, and that guy probably knew Paul Walker better than you did.

So the solution right now is to use CGI, body doubles, and all that other jazz to inject a Walker-like substitute into scenes so that he can have an acceptable send-off. It's not the warmest idea, but it beats the "Poochie died on the way to his home planet" approach that is an easier alternative.

I personally think Vin Diesel should just give Walker's character a big hug, then we see Walker's character start to glow, then turn into a mist that flies into Vin Diesel's mouth, leading everyone to believe that Walker and Diesel co-habitate a body for the rest of the franchise.

Now THAT's satisfying.