Hold on to your hats, yarmulkes, and/or turbans, cause I've got a piece of movie trivia from IMDb that will knock your socks off! Actually, I guess I should have told you to hold on to your socks, all things considered, but I digress.

By now you've probably seen Uggie, the lovable mutt who appeared in the Oscar-nominated film The Artist as well as the not-even-allowed-in-the-Oscar-parking-lot film, Water for Elephants. Well, while combing through his IMDb page, I came across this startling bit of trivia in the aptly named "trivia section." As it turns out, Uggie the Dog "is a dog." Crazy, right?

Now, I'm no dummy, so I know better than to believe everything I read on the Internet, especially if it's dog related. After all, I've been hearing rumors that Katherine Heigl is a bitch for years, but last week when I brought her a bag of bacon flavored Beggin' Strips outside the Golden Globes, she just looked at me like I was nuts before peeing on my leg and scampering away in a huff.

So, not wanting to get tricked again, I went to Snopes.com to verify the claim. Unfortunately, an entry on the subject has not yet been created, so for now, let's just file this one as "undetermined."