Today will be my final day as managing editor of Screen Junkies. I've had an amazing time delivering you daily entertainment news, covering Comic-Con, exploiting attractive actresses in topless lists, and, of course, posting the occasional irreverent gif. You'll notice some changes coming to the site soon. I can't tell you exactly what they will be, as I'm not really sure, but you'll decide in your own time if you want to embrace them or post a homophobic epithet in the comments section. Then again, you do that now, so maybe it'll just be business as usual.

All joking aside, you guys rock. Well, most of you. Find me on the Internets in the future. My doctor says I can't let my snark regarding the entertainment industry build up for too long. There has to be outlet eventually. Until then, I'm going to spend my time making it rain.

Yours Truly,