Listen, I thought Jackass #2 was the best movie of 2006 and I stand by that. It was so creative with stunts, well performed, artistically composed and put together. It has motifs and plays with its own format. They’v taken it to the next level of what entertainment should be and I fully expect Jackass 3D to be just as awesome in 2D, but a well deserved spoof of the 3D movement.

A Fantastic Fest Secret Screening #3, Steve-O introduced some preview footage from Jackass 3D. It was the same reel they showed at the beer party at San Diego Comic Con, but if you didn’t get to see that I’ll describe it for you again. But first, he did a live Jackass stunt, lighting his hair on fire with hairspray, then having his buddy blow a fireball off it. Sorry, my camera missed the fireball but you can still see his head on fire.

The video and more after the jump...


Steve-O opened with a comment: “James Cameron can suck our dicks. We’ve got enough cocks coming out of the screen, everyone can suck a dick. My challenge to you when you see the movie is try not to suck a dick.”

The brief clip that impressed me the most was a recreation of the famous Maxell commercial. It looks like either Ryan Dunn or Bam Margera sitting on a couch getting blown away by a jet engine. I have to guess because he’s blown away so fast I didn’t have time to really see. Now that is not a stupid stunt. That is a social commentary putting a culturally significant image to the test. And they got a jet engine! That’s awesome.

In the traditional filmed Jackass opening, Johnny Knoxville says, “Welcome to Jackass” and gets pounded in the face with an air balloon. One of the guys takes a large ball slingshot into his nuts. Party Boy (dancing again with streamers) gets a spank from a giant hand. Preston Lacy takes a cannonball to the gut which jiggles in your face. Three other jackasses stand behind him dressed as pirates. Wee Man gets slapped around by fish. Bam plays a human piñata with his parents cheering him on.

There are so many layers to this I don’t even feel I can express it in words. First of all, it has become a motif of Jackass that the guys hit each other with giant hands and other objects. So the elevation of the smacking has become an art form itself. These little episodes address so much about the franchise, from Bam’s tormenting of his parents to the role of Party Boy in post-Janet Jackson society. And it’s in 3D.

They show one full scene, the Poo Cocktail Supreme. You may remember Johnny Knoxville’s first stunt in a tipped over port-a-potty. Now they attach a porta-potty to cranes on bungee chords. Steve-O worries, because it’s not the sh*t that bothers him, it’s the roller coaster-esque shaking. He’s wearing jean shorts, a tank top and a hardhat.

They launch the port-a-potty and on the way down, poo sprays out into the audience. Inside the john, the poo hovers in mid-air in 3D. Steve-O spits some of it out of his mouth, and the slo-mo replay totally works in 3-D. If Hollywood is going to make us wear 3D glasses to watch all our movies now, then they deserve to get 3D poop sprayed in their laps.

A montage of other stunts shows the Jackass goodness to come next month. Knoxville and others dress as Santa Claus and sit in a tree while it’s cut down. Most 3D of all, some jackass shot only from the waste down and bent over blows a party streamer out his ass, into the audience’s lap.

You may think it’s too much to analyze Jackass this much. I say if something creates this much joy, this much entertainment, it’s worth thinking about. Even if the guys are just doing what comes naturally, it’s my job to articulate why it works and I’m happy to turn my brain ON in anticipation of Jackass 3D.