The 100 Best Kills Party at Fantastic Fest was more of a sit down show than a party. It had tickets, attendees sat in a movie theater and Alamo Drafthouse hosts Zack and Lars introduced footage on the screen. I thought I knew movies, but very few of the clips they showed were movies I’d seen or heard of, so it was an educational presentation that will increase my Netflix queue exponentially.

More on the films that made the cut after the jump...

Now they didn’t show 100 clips. All week at Fantastic Fest there was a submission box for people to drop DVDs featuring their favorite clip in them. They got six submissions and had to fill in the rest. Only a few were mainstream movies, and some surprising ones did not come from horror. From the world of comedy, the ending of One Night At McCool’s qualified, and a few action kills too.

There was no Freddy, no Jason, no Final Destination, no Saw. The classics you’ve heard of might be the finale of Raiders of the Lost Ark, a kill from each of the Omen movies, Rambo’s exploding arrow tip and Weird Al’s spoof of it, and Robocop’s toxic hit and run. New entries included Hatchet’s mouth ripping, and Punisher War Zone’s parkour explosion.

Honestly, some of the people who submitted have seen some really sick sh*t. A scene from Nekromantik has a gu whip it out, stab himself in the stomach and ejaculate while thinking of a rabbit getting skinned and disemboweled. Gozu has a guy impaled by a ladel and electrocuted in the ass. Gaspar Noe’s I Stand Alone has a guy punching his pregnant wife into an abortion. So be sure to check those out.

It didn’t have to be graphic to make the list though. The black and white Mask of Satan/Black Sunday hammers a mask on a woman’s face and you get the point. Leslie Nielsen wrestles a bear to death in Day of the Animals. Young Sherlock Holmes’ priest trampled to death by a horse-drawn carriage made the cut on the audacity of killing a man of the cloth.

Most of the clips were shown in the spirit of fun, the joy of watching people get killed but not for real. Stone Cold’s henchman crashing his motorcycle into a helicopter, a gay vampire sucking ass blood in Gayracula, Lady Terminator kicking a guy in the crotch after machine gunning him at close range, two of Charles Bronson’s rocket launcher kills, The Story of Ricky’s gut punch, Shogun Assassin’s desert head slice, Death Race 2000’s hospital run.

There was a sense of irony too. The finale of Old Yeller made it. One anime clip got submitted giving Lars and Zack a chance to slam anime. I don’t know what movie it was from, but they agreed all anime looks the same anyway. They closed things up with Arsenio Hall’s epic death in Amazon Women on the Moon.

They barely got through about 40 clips so there may be 60 more greats for future Fantastic Fests. On the way out the door, nine people re-enacted a human centipede to win free Human Centipede DVDs. They kept their clothes on, but still, let’s see Sundance attendees stick their faces in each others’ butts for free DVDs.