Elle and Dakota Fanning might finally be working on a project together that capitalizes on their similar appearances. It's almost as if they're related or something. That project is a biopic of The Shaggs, a band made up of four ostensibly talentless sisters who started a band because their mother's psychic told them to. They only released one album, but it had its fans, among them Frank Zappa, also known as that guy your older brother keeps trying to get you to listen to. But he's so weird, man! The Fanning sisters are "in talks" to star, presumably as two of the members of the band. Or maybe they'll star as all four, Winklevoss-style.

Anyway, expect to be hearing a lot about The Shaggs, as there's going to be an off-Broadway musical about the band, too.  Let it be known that 2011 is the year of The Shagg! (via Vulture)