Countless men and women in 1980's New York would file off to danceclubs, dressed as pansexual angels or leather daddies, spending every last cent that had so that they may dabble in experimental drugs and screw each other senseless. But where is their story? 54? Yeah, that was a movie about that same sort of thing. Party Monster? Well, yeah..."party" is right there in the name. 24 Hour Party People? That took place in Manchester, England, but yes, that was a similar premise as well. Even American Psycho more than nodded to the club culture.

Ok. So there has been more than a few movies about these club rats. And there's going to be another one. RJ Cutler, director of Vogue documentary The September Issue and producer of The War Room, is taking his love of fashion back to the 80's when the fashinistas were still underground, but partying like it was going out of style. It will be his first scripted film.

Famous Nobodies documents the overlapping factions of club kids and those entrenched in the fashion industry. Refreshingly, this project will be a study in satire, so we won't have to travel down memory lane to demonstrate how gay night at Limelight influenced how your sweatpants fall around the cuff. Though investigating that correlation would be impressive. (Deadline)