Family Guy's mailer for its Emmy consideration for Outstanding Comedy Series is potentially offensive. Also, the sky is blue.

The campaign, which features a svelte Peter Griffin with the caption, "Come on, you bloated, overprivileged Brentwood Jews. Let us into your little club," is probably offensive because many of the Jews voting for the Emmys might live in nicer neighborhoods, like Bel Air or Beverly Hills. The Hollywood Reporter and Variety both declined to run the ad, so the powers that be are just mailing it directly to Emmy voters. (Note: that link looks like it will take you to an Emmy-related article, but it's really a link to a piece about dildo scenes in movies. Fine. Don't believe me.)

Family Guy, like its predecessor South Park, has made such a knack out of offending people that at this point, a stunt like this is as likely to shock someone as a Madonna performance is. That said, it's funny to see Seth Marcfarlane and Co. keep trying to raise the bar, possibly just out of boredom and a general malaise.

Oh, and on the inside, there's a pic of Stewie with the text, "It's a secret ballot. You can still tell people you voted for Modern Family."

Why would you tell anyone you voted for Modern Family? Even if you did? Parks and Rec or bust.