If it’s one thing that I continually get busted on it’s faking orgasms.

Q: Why do women fake orgasms?
A: Because they think we give a shit.  SNAPS.

Actually, we do give a shit. Sometimes. Not all the times. It really depends on the girl. Dudes take it as an indication of their prowess in the same way that we want to be able to fix a flat tire or do well in a fight. It’s called biologica drive, and it’s what’s kept the human race going since day fucking zero.

Anyway, my point is that someone is FINALLY making a movie about the complex socio-political issue of why women lie to make us feel better. Of course, it is being done by Europeans, who are WAY more able to talk about these sorts of things

" ‘Orgasm’ will kick off with a fake orgasm contest. We’ll then go on to explore the issue’s political, sociological and sexual dimensions," Sol told Daily Variety.

This is one of my favorites of all time:

I will have what HE is having.

Variety finds the clitoris.

Max Powers.