Attention Canadian pedophiles who read Screen Junkies:


There are people on the Internet who are not what they claim to be. If you establish contact with an underage girl or boy online, hoping to ply them with wine coolers or various hard lemonades or ciders, you may be the victim of an elaborate ruse that will reveal your true intentions to everyone!

As our 41st-favorite newspaper, the Toronto Sun, reveals, three teenage boys have been posing as jailbait online (a la To Catch A Predator), only to meet the predators in crowded restaurants while wearing superhero outfits. At this point, the teens announce to the restaurant, "This man's a pedophile. He brought marijuana for a 15-year-old girl. He's here to have sex with her." The crusaders had been videotaping their confrontations and posting the videos online, but the police have ordered the taken down.

Click Here To See The 'To Troll A Predator' Videos

The teens are currently being investigated by police for their efforts, perhaps because their bravery and heroism is too awesome for most people to handle, especially most Canadians.

What does this have to do with movies? I dunno. Superheroes are in movies sometimes. Whatever. It's a neat story.