It always amazes me how excited people get about social networking sites, and then at some point just decide that they are totally lame. Like do you kids remember Friendster? Back in 2002 I was all OVER that shit. Then Myspace came along and had more hot young girls. And at some point, people just all abandoned that ship and headed to facebook.

Here’s what the Facebook page that Sorkin set up says about the movie he is making. Yes, he set up a page. And he's making a movie about Facebook. And man is he douche-tasctic. 

Some of you might be familiar with some things I've written. I'm the author of two Broadway plays--A Few Good Men and The Farnsworth Invention, five feature films--A Few Good Men The American President, Malice, Charlie Wilson's War and The Trial of the Chicago 7 which is in pre-production, and three television series--Sports Night, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and the first four seasons of The West Wing.

Wow. Way to win the kids over. Next time just breakdance for us.

The problem is that now that everyone knows about it, people like your mother set up a profile. And you can't really stalk hot young girls because the privacy settings are totally made for Amish people and east coast girls schools.  So now you just use it like a big digital rolodex that lives on the internet so you can email people you haven’t talked to in three years and see if you can crash on their friends floor in London. The real problem with the movie is that by the time it is done, Facebook will also be.

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