This morning, Variety confirmed that Columbia Pictures and David Fincher have set the three principal castmembers for The Social Network, the Aaron Sorkin-penned drama retelling the creation of Facebook. 


Hollywood's current "awkward smart guy" du jour Jesse Eisenberg will portray Facebook's founder, Mark Zuckerberg. 


Justin Timberlake will get his geek on as Sean Parker, Facebook's founding president and co-creator of Napster. 


And Andrew Garfield, who'll be in the upcoming Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, will play Eduardo Saverin, whom Zuckerberg booted when Facebook became a cash cow. 


As long as Timberlake stays away from the end credits song - or, heaven forbid, a dream sequence in which Sean Parker sings and dances his way across the internets - I think this is a really solid trio of actors to take this on. The beauty part is, the majority of people have no effin' clue as to what the real guys upon which this is based are like. So suspension of disbelief should come pretty easy (and I can't wait for Timberlake to be on the big screen while sporting Parker's god awful mullet. He's bringing hockey back.).


And, of course, I don't think Fincher's really gone wrong with a casting choice yet, unless you count the first couple weeks of Se7en before Brad Pitt replaced Pee-Wee Herman