You might remember reading a mention or two of a movie set to star Sam Worthington called The Last Days of American Crime. Contrary to what the title might suggest, it's not a docudrama about those halcyon days when gangsters had respect for women or something - it's a science fiction story about a future where the US government institutes technology that wipes out all human impulse to commit any kind of criminal behavior. Worthington and his gang of pals decide to pull of one last heist before the technology is activated (note to the government: If you ever actually develop technology of this kind, don't publicize the exact date of when it goes into effect).

Anyway, the movie now has a director in F. Gary Gray, whose work includes Friday, The Negotiator, and most recently Law Abiding Citizen. We'll see if this mostly action-oriented director can make a movie that lives up to its interesting premise. (Deadline)