Expectations Sky High For Kobe Bryant’s Movie Acting Debut

Friday, February 18 by

Many of the greatest movie actors began as basketball stars. That’s why they study Space Jam and the filmography of Shaquille O’Neal in every film history class. So you can imagine how excited the acting community is to have Kobe Bryant slam dunk onto the big screen. Or maybe it’ll be more of a layup. Or a missed free throw attempt. Whatever it is, it’s happening.

Bryant will star in a short film by director Robert Rodriguez, which will screen at select theaters ahead of PG-13 and R-Rated movies. This is not the first time the Laker star has expressed his inner Bryant. He played a basketball player on “Moesha” and tackled the equally challenging role of himself on “All That.” To up the acting credibility of the cast, SAG Lifetime Achievement Award winner Kanye West joins as a character known as “The Boss.” Here’s a plot description:

“[It’s] basically a pitch session between Kobe and director Robert Rodriguez for a collaborative project that’s seemingly an action movie.”

Mr. Bryant, I hope you are ready for your second career adequately portraying basketball players in movies, when you are not playing actual basketball. (Hollywood Reporter)

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