Ewan McGregor Is Going To Help A Boy Kill A Giant

Thursday, February 24 by

It would appear that Jack the Giant Killer is becoming something of a Goliath itself, having signed up Ewan McGregor to join the Bryan Singer-helmed film also starring Nicholas Hoult (the titular Jack), Stanley Tucci, Bill Nighy, and John Kassir. McGregor will play the head of the king’s guard, whose job it is to protect the kingdom from invading giants.

Just a hunch, but he’ll probably be pretty busy in this film.

With most of the principals cast, one remaining question is who will play the princess. Adelaide Keane and Eleanor Tomlinson are the two rumored to be in contention, with the former having appeared in Power Rangers RPM (!) and the latter in Alice in Wonderland.

Filming of Jack and the Giant Killer begins in March in London, where there exists no shortage of kingdoms and castles. Gold star for the location scout. Obviously, this is expected to be a tentpole release for New Line, as movies featuring giants and kingdoms rarely fly below the radar. (THR)

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