Everything You Wanted To Know About Martin Lawrence But Were Afraid To Ask

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Every day, we here at Screen Junkies receive at least a dozen Martin Lawrence-related emails. It seems people just can’t get enough of the comedy superstar. And with the latest installment of the Big Momma’s House trilogy (Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son) hitting theaters this Friday, Martin-mania is at an all-time high. As such, our crack-research team set to work to answer some of the most common questions we receive in regard to Mr. Lawrence.

Q. I’m fan of Martin Lawrence, but I get the sneaking suspicion he wasn’t born here. Do I detect the hint of a German accent in his speech?

– Mike Hohmann, White Planes New York.

A. Good call, Mike. Although his parents are both from the U.S., Martin was born in Frankfurt, Germany, where his father was stationed while serving in the U.S. Airforce. This might explain the wild success of Black Knight (a.k.a. Ritter Jamal) in Deutschland.

Q. Hey, why in the hell hasn’t Martin Lawrence hosted”Saturday Night Live” lately? I think he’d be really good at it.

– Marcus Parks, Orlando, FL

A. Great question, Marcus. As it turns out, after Martin hosted the show in 1994, he was banned for life because of his raunchy monologue. With hilarious lines like, “Smell yourself! I tell a woman in a minute, douche! douche,” I’m not really sure why. It was probably a racial thing.

I couldn’t find a video of the monologue, but I did find this clip of Martin introducing the Crash Test Dummies, which is just as good.

Q. Does Martin Lawrence support Second Amendment rights? If not, I swear on my children that I’ll be boycotting the next installment of Big Momma’s House, so help me god.

T.J. McDougal, Muncie, IN

A. While I couldn’t find a public statement on the matter, Lawrence’s behavior certainly indicates that he is a strong proponent of the Second Amendment. According to the Washington Post, “In May 1996 Lawrence was detained by police after being found wandering in the middle of a busy L.A. intersection, mucus smeared across his face, raving, ‘Fight the power!’ with a loaded handgun in his pocket. Three months later he was arrested at Burbank Airport for trying to board a plane to Phoenix while carrying a loaded 9mm Beretta. He told police he thought guns were allowed on interstate flights.”

Q. On the show “Martin,” Lawrence and his costar, Tisha Campbell-Martin, seemed to have a real chemistry. Were the two ever romantically involved in real life?

Sarah Alison, Culver City, CA

A. Glad you asked, Sarah. As it turns out, the two were never romantically involved, at least in a consensual sense. In fact, Tisha filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Martin and the producers of the show alleging verbal abuse and sexual battery at the hands of Lawrence. Luckily, an out-of-court settlement was reached, or the film National Security might never have seen the light of day.

Q. Has Martin Lawrence ever been in a coma? I know that’s an odd question, but I have a bit of a coma fetish.

– LeDawn Jackson, Flint, MI

A. Yes! In 1999, Lawrence nearly died from heat exhaustion while jogging in 100 degree weather while wearing multiple layers of clothing. He spent three days in a coma, but made a full recovery.

Q. Is Martin Lawrence married, or do I still have a chance? If I can’t be with him, I’ll kill myself.

– Lisa Nichols, Portland, OR

Well Lisa, I’m sorry to bring you bad news, but Martin is happily married to Shamicka Gibbs.

However, don’t give up hope just yet, since marriages don’t always work out. Patricia Lawrence, his previous wife, left her husband because she feared for her safety. After filing for divorce, Lawrence allegedly called Patricia and pulled a Mel Gibson, saying, “I’m going to have to kill you. . . . I’m going to have to kill your family.” Wassup with that? It’s worth noting that he did call to apologize, proving once and for all that chivalry is not dead.

Q. Is Martin Lawrence named after anyone famous? Perhaps Martin Landau, or maybe another famous mustached comedian named Martin?

– M. Mull, Los Angeles, CA

Martin Lawrence is named after civil-rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and his middle name, Fitzgerald, is in honor of President John F. Kennedy. If either of these men were alive to see the Bad Boys films, I’m sure they would be proud of their legacy.

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