A whole slew of actors want to play in Wes Anderson's quirky sand box. Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Frances McDormand, and Tilda Swinton are all in talks to star in Moon Rise Kingdom, Anderson's next directorial project that he wrote with Roman Coppola. A start date is set for next spring.
Moon Rise Kingdom is set in the 60s. Two young adults fall in love and run away. Leaders in their New England town are sticking the idea that they've disappeared and go in search of them. Norton will play a scout leader who brings his charges on a search. Willis is in talks to pla the town sheriff who’s also looking, and who is having an affair with the missing girl’s mother, the role McDormand is in talks to play. Murray, a regular in Anderson films, will play the girl's father, who has his own issues.

Next spring leaves plenty of time for Murray to answer the messages that Anderson must be leaving on his 1-800 number. It's the only way the eccentric funnyman will talk to anyone these days. I wonder how Anderson always seems to land him. Maybe they share the same taste in ironic t-shirts and music. It's probably a really obscure band that you wouldn't understand. (Deadline)