Looks like heavy delays won't be enough to keep The Cabin in the Woods down. After sitting on MGM's shelf for two-and-a-half years while the studio worked out their money issues, the horror-skewing horror film just kicked off SXSW with a bang. Reviews are in and the buzz is strong. Naturally, it's time to talk sequel. Or sequels, seeing as it is a horror movie. Kind of.

Co-writer Joss Whedon spoke to the idea, "Drew [Goddard] and I, we have no artistic integrity. We also built that world so grandly in our minds that we often do go, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we could do the bit where …’ There’s definitely more to be told in that story, but right now we’re both very fixated on, ‘We hope somebody likes it, and of course pays to come see it.’ But there’s always a bridge there to cross. We definitely didn’t come into this going, ‘Oh, we have an idea for a franchise.’ We came in going, ‘We have three acts.’ Which is more than any writer usually gets. That’s a gift."

We can see what all of the secrecy is about when the film opens in theaters on April 13th. But after that, Whedon is encouraged to never keep secrets from us again. If we can't have trust then we can't have us. (Cinema Blend)