You already knew that Julian Assange was the reigning King of Hollywood, what with his bone-white facial features and, uh, commitment to governmental and corporate transparency. But you might be unaware of the real extent of Assange's stature in Hollywood -- there is now news of another bunch of Assange-related projects, just in case you were considering forgetting watching a movie about something else at some point.

The first is a movie based on a recent New York Times Magazine article entitled "The Boy Who Kicked The Hornets' Nest" (timely!) which screenwriter Mark Boal is involved in. It isn't known whether Boal will actually be writing the movie - this seems somewhat unlikely since he's got those two movies with Kathryn Bigelow already, but if Assange can have 18 movies about him, why can't Boal write 3 or 4 in a year?

The second is a movie based on the recent  book Inside Wikileaks, which was written by the Assange's former second-in-command. It may or may not feature scenes of Julian Assange drunkenly beating his underlings with a wire coat hanger.

And finally, there is some interest in a movie based on Assange's memoirs, which reportedly Paul Greengrass is interested in directing. I can't wait to see the shaky footage of Assange updating his OKCupid profile. (via SlashFilm)