Marvel has released so many Captain America: The First Avenger stills at this point, you could make a photo book that's thicker than your family photo album. Director Joe Johnston will draft us all into WWII this summer. Here are some pics of what you can expect to see during your tour of duty. However, if you've been following our coverage of Captain America, you've already seen the Super Bowl ad, the poster, a great mashup, and practically every still frame from the film, and therefore you're probably more than ready to see the damn movie already. I kno I am. (/Film)

"This crazy device I'm getting into is safe, right?"

"This Rubik's Cube sucks."

Science: It Happens Here.

One of these soldiers is not like the other.

Neither of these people are Captain America. Bo-ring.

"Where can *I* get a nice suit?"