Peter Jackson spent the weekend adding original characters to The Hobbit storyline. Not only can we expect to see the cast of the original trilogy return. Jackson has found a way to shoehorn in a few more.

"Lost's" Evangeline Lilly will call upon her talent of looking ethereal for the role of Tauriel, a Woodland Elf from the Mirkwood forest. She's a completely new character and it was also noted that she's not a love interest for Legolas. Which I'm sure that isn't helping Legolas squash any rumors about himself. He'll date when he finds the right girl, Dad!! [post-album postid="216901" item="4"]

The character actor best known for portraying Dame Edna, Barry Humphries, has also joined the project. He'll play the Goblin King via Gollum-like motion capture. This character also did not appear in the books, rather the video game The Lord Of The Rings: The Battle For Middle-Earth II. Filmmakers will be going the more lizard-eyed, jagged tooth route with this character and less in the direction of David Bowie with a feathered wig. (Peter Jackson)