Johnny Depp and Tim Burton teaming up to make a movie called Dark Shadows is like Jeff Foxworthy and Larry The Cable Guy making a movie together called Farts Are Funny. Seems like all their movies have dark shadows in them, only now the shadows are stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight, where they'll cease to be shadows?

Not sure where I was going with that last sentence, but one actress is stepping into the spotlight today: actress Eva Green has been cast opposite Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows, beating other contenders like Bella Heathcote for the role. Green was a Bond girl in Casino Royale, and she's in the "Camelot" mini-series that unforgivably used 30 Seconds To Mars in the trailer. That's not Green's fault though, so Miss Green and I - we're cool.

Green will play Angelique, a witch who turns Johnny Depp into a vampire. If box office trends are any indication, Depp was going to have to become a vampire at some point anyway. Might as well be with the help of a pretty Bond lady. (/Film)