‘Esquire’ To Come In And Give G4 Channel A Makeover…OMG!!!! MAKEOVER!!!!

Monday, December 10 by
Smell ya later, you crappy network.  

In an effort to make the cable channel a little more Bradley Cooper and a little less Seth Green, NBCUniversal, the bigass conglomerate behind G4, has signed up Esquire to come through and give the video game-y channel a little more polish.

What does that mean? Who knows, but my guess is it’s going to be something where, rather than give us practical information, the channel will inform men that they will look much better in a $1900 suit than they would in cargo shorts and a Cleveland Browns jersey.

It’s true, we would, so let’s welcome Esquire with open arms, because any time a TV network sucks as bad as G4 did, it has to be good news that they’re rebranding, right?

Right? Right?

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