The Entourage film, which you had probably just forgotten about until reading that headline, is still very much in the works with everyone signed up, except for Adrian Grenier (Vince) and Jerry Ferrara (Turtle).

And this isn't a small holdout. I mean, it is in terms of non-affiliated people actually caring, but the demands made by the cast have shanghaied production since May and look as though they will continue to do so until Turtle is given his own record label and Vince gets back out of his coke phase.

Of course, it isn't entirely clear to everyone involved and reading about this incident what Grenier and Ferrara would be doing if they weren't acting in this film. Another big budget film? Maybe that Aquaman tentpole can finally make some progress now that DC Comics has addressed the Batman issue.

Or maybe the producers will just take the cast's salaries, toss them in a garbage can, and light them on fire, saying "NOW NO ONE GETS IT!" and gives the parts to four improv guys who aren't so entitled and would probably do just as good a job.