Creator and producer Doug Ellin, along with Mark Wahlberg, has been touting the Entourage film adaptation as all but a certainty, and those statements seem to be solidified by today's news that Warner Bros has given the thumbs up to the film, with Ellin directing.

Ellin ostensibly has a script done, that he wrote, because who knows the intricacies of guys named Turtle, Vinnie, E, and Johnny Drama more than the deft scribe that birthed them? No one, that's who.

I hope they are an efficient crew, because there's a very narrow window in which the team will be able to shoot those scenes where the sun is setting (the magic hour, if you will) over a Malibu beach house deck, with the characters toasting their good fortune as Medellin 2 gets a really good distribution deal in foreign markets.