Of course, that headline is a gross simplification, but it would seem that gross oversimplifications suit Orson Scott Card just fine. Card, in discussing whether or not his novel Ender's Game was tainted by his documented homophobia, recently claimed Ender's Game "has nothing to do with political issues that did not exist when the book was written in 1984."

This statement of course begs the question of when gay rights became a "political issue." My guess would probably be around season 2 of Will and Grace, but I tend to lean liberal. More conservative folks could argue that it wasn't until Modern Family hit its stride did gays rights really become a thing that merited addressing.

Anyway, Card's rampant homophobia is available for consumption right here. He also refers to anyone crusading to grant the right of marriage to gays as his "mortal enemy," so I guess that's one more mortal enemy on my list.