‘Encyclopedia Brown’ Movie Gets Going Again, Because Birds Fly SOUTH For Summer

Tuesday, June 25 by
Don't let the low daily fee fool you. E.B. goes apeshit with his expenses.  

Donald J. Sobol, the author and creator of the Encyclopedia Brown series, had long been critical of any efforts to adapt the franchise for the big and little screen. But as the A.V. Club so astutely points out…Donald J. Sobol is dead, so let’s really harvest everything we can from this nosy little Pointdexter.

For those not familiar, Brown was a dweeby little kid who set up a detective agency to solve people’s stupid problems, mainly by using knowledge of solstices and how hot air balloons work.

THR has run through the efforts over the years, but it’s clear that this will not be your father’s Encyclopedia Brown. This guy will listen to Muse, have spacer earrings, and be getting a philosophy Masters while living in his parents basement.

He’s the hero we deserve.

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