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Hey kids!  Dragonball Evolution opened nationwide today.  And if you didn’t know already, it stars Emmy Rossum!  Well she’s just adorable – so adorable, we’re willing to bet that her adorableness rubs off on not so adorable surroundings.

Case in point, just look at this still from Dragonball.  Adorable! 

Now look at it again without Emmy Rossum. 

Exactly. A black void of nothingess.

To further prove our point, here are some more photos of Emmy Rossum bringing her unflappable cheer and good looks to unfortunate situations, and making them all better:

[above: Emmy visits a Depression-era family in Oklahoma and shows them style that’s fashionable, functional, and frugal!]


[above: Emmy warms our hearts as she visits the charred remains of a California home after a devastating fire.]


[above: Emmy stops traffic and turns heads, distracting enamored citizens away from an unsightly burning person.] 




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