The 63rd annual Emmy Awards will be recruiting "it-woman" Jane Lynch as host, as Garry Shandling's whereabouts are stil unknown. (Just kidding. I'm sure he's fine and enjoying a delicious lunch as I write this.) Producer Mark Burnett has recruited "Glee"'s Sue Sylvester as MC for the ceremony, bringing a decidedly more awkward approach to the whole affair, because if there's one thing awards ceremonies need, it's more awkward moments.

While much of this decision can be rightfully attributed to Lynch's body of work that includes myriad Christopher Guest films, "Party Down," and The 40 Year-Old Virgin, don't discredit the importance of"Glee" fever in this move. I mean, there were only a few "Glee" folks from which to choose, and Lynch is the only face familiar to those who don't watch the show, so there you go.

The Emmys air Thursday, July 14th on your mom's TV.