Emma Stone Moves Away From ’21 Jump Street’

Wednesday, November 24 by

Jonah, you're staring.

Now that Emma Stone is a pretty big deal, she’s having to drop out of a few projects. She was originally attached to Jonah Hill’s 21 Jump Street, but Sony came calling with the Spider-Man offer and it was too sweet to refuse. Does the name Stephen J. Cannell carry no weight these days???

Though she can’t clear her schedule to appear in Jump Street, she does comment that Jonah Hill is one of her favorite people in the entire world. As for Spider-Man, they’re getting really close. With shooting slated to begin in two weeks, Emma just got her hair did for the role of Gwen Stacy. Sony also sent her and Andrew Garfield to science school to introduce the home-schooled Stone to the high school experience. Further proof that people as hot as Emma only exist in fictional high schools. (MTV)

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