According to Variety, Emma Stone of Superbad and (less so) House Bunny fame is looking to get a little naughty in her next role. The comedy entitled "Easy A" is a modern, high school-set retelling of Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Scarlet Letter." Stone will play a student who sees her life paralleling Hawthorne's heroine Hester Prynne after she pretends to be the school slut in hopes she'll benefit from the notion she's promiscuous. 
I've never known anyone who hasn't benefited from loose sexual morals, especially in high school, but something tells me this movie is going to stress the counter-point. I guess I can't really blame the studio execs for choosing the high-ground, even though  a herpes epidemic would be one hell of a marketing campaign. Now that's exposure money can't buy! (Rimshot!)   
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