With Bridesmaids being pelted with rice at the box office (in this instance, rice = dollars), it's a good time to be a female-driven comedy. That may explain why Rashida Jones' Celeste and Jesse Forever is finally moving forward after being shelved twice. The comedy-drama about a married couple who for some strange reason try to remain friends and roommates while going through a divorce has Jones and Andy Samberg secured to play the leads, and know we know that Emma Roberts, Chris Messina, and Ari Graynor are going to play the loveable knuckleheads who surround them.
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Roberts will play “a starlet who, when her career sags, helps the protagonist come out of her shell by hiring her to revamp her image. Messina plays a financial analyst who helps Celeste get over Jesse, while Graynor will play Celeste’s best friend from college who’s uncomfortable with her unusual arrangement.” Frankly, I don't buy it. Why would Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg get a divorce? Are his awkward raps not adorable enough for her?? Rap more adorably, Samberg. You've got a wife to think about now. (Variety)