Scarlett Johannson was a nice surprise in this past summer's The Avengers. After hardly registering as Black Widow in Iron Man 2, the character was given proper justice with a meatier role in Marvel's most recent tentpole. However, it's a role that almost wasn't.

In fact, Emily Blunt was initially cast as Black Widow back in 2010 but she was forced to drop out in favor of looking like a stupid dick in the disastrous flop Gulliver's Travels. If the Daily Mail is to be believed, Blunt may still have her chance to join the Marvel universe. According to the tabloid, both Blunt and Luther star Ruth Wilson are up for the role of Ms. Marvel in Avengers 2: Shawarma Nights.

Between Johansson striking it rich with her sloppy-seconds and Chris Evans nabbing Captain America over Blunt's husband, John Krasinski, it's going to be a weird set. If this casting happens, I demand a fight between Black Widow and Ms. Marvel. It's the only way to relieve the awkward on-set tension. And if they fight in nightgowns, all the better.