Emile Hirsch? As an oceanside stoner? Well, since he's played one in every other movie, it's CONCEIVABLE that he could play one in Oliver Stone's marijuana romp. The announcement of Hirsch being cast in the prestigious pic doesn't reveal what role will go his way, but I'm going to guess it involves longish hair, scruff, and a board sport of some type.

The Hirsch news comes on the heels of the more revelatory announcement yesterday that Pulp Fiction co-stars John Travolta and Uma Thurman will co-star in the film, and Blake Lively will play the desired role of O, the girlfriend of two small-time drug dealers who gets kidnapped by a cartel.

The O role was up for grabs after Jennifer Lawrence, who was the frontrunner for the part, bowed out to star in The Hunger Games franchise. Time will tell if that move pays off for her. (Spoiler alert: It probably will, but she should have done this film. It sounds awesomer.) (Variety)