The first piece of The Motel Life has been identified. That piece would be Emile Hirsch, and what a fine piece he is. Producers Alan and Gabriel Polsky had stalled out on their film adaptation of Willy Vlautin's novel, but the acquisition of Hirsch as one of the two leads is a promising start.

Perhaps not promising enough to make their ambitious schedule, which contemplates shooting this year, despite having a director, co-stars, or even a screenwriter on board. C'mon, Polsk brothers. Bust a move.

The Motel Life centers around two destitute brothers who flee their digs at a Reno motel after one drunkenly hits and kills a young teenager riding a bike. The two eventually return to Reno where they face judgment for their actions. The story is promising, and the casting of Hirsch appears to be a great fit, after seeing him play a similar hard-up character in Alpha Dog.

The project seems to be a ways from completion, so it's difficult to presume how this project will play out, but the Polsky brothers have been hanging tight for a while, which suggests that they aren't willing to turn this over to just anyone. Sorry, Brett Ratner. (Playlist)