The world of college a cappella groups has never been hotter. So leave it to tastemaker Elizabeth Banks to produce a comedy about that world, entitled Perfect Pitch. I bet that's what the studio executives at Universal were saying about this project after it was presented to them, ha ha!

[post-album postid="24437" item="1"]Uh, anyway, the movie will be based on a nonfiction book about college a cappella by Mickey Rapkin, written by Kay Cannon and directed by Jason Moore. And I'm hoping there will  be plenty of punny a cappella group names, like "The Harvard Law Scales of Justice" (I tried to come up with some puns myself, but it turns out that all of them are alread taken. A cappella groups are truly the most shameless people in the world). Now all that remains to be seen is if the white-hot popularity of college a cappella will suffer a backlash now that it's "gone mainstream." (Variety)