The upcoming romantic comedy Celeste and Jesse Forever has Rashida Jones (as an actress AND screenwriter), Andy Samberg, an intriguing premise about a married couple trying to remain friends amidst their impending divorce, and a director in Lee Toland Krieger. What it doesn't have, is a sassy gay friend played by Elijah Wood. UNTIL ... NOW:
"Wood will play Celeste’s business partner, a metrosexual who tries to be her 'saucy gay friend'."

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He's also joining Emma Roberts, Ari Graynor and Chris Messina. Wood has a lot of projects coming up, including the animated series "TRON: Uprising," Happy Feet Two, the FX series "Wilfred," and of course Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. How he's planning on figuring out the subtle nuances of the "saucy gay friend" with all that on his plate remains to be seen. I wish you luck, girlfriend! (The Hollywood Reporter)