The Bourne Legacy may not have scored a villain as creepy as Chris Cooper, but got one that's plenty nerdy in Edward Norton. Norton is expected to go up against Jeremy Renner's hero in the first Bourne-less installment of the Bourne franchise. The two will also be joining Rachel Weisz in the project.

Details on the project have been locked down pretty tightly, so it's not known what kind of vilain Norton will be, but it's a safe assumption that he won't be the kind of villain that goes around beating people up. Though Norton has been seemingly M.I.A. the past few years, he's got a nice track record of villainy with Primal Fear, Death to Smoochie, The Score, and American History X.

That said, he's currently playing some sort of scoutmaster in Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom, so maybe a refresher wouldn't kill him. (Variety)